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Scouts Test

Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya



  1. Have a brief information of the origin of scouting
  2. Scout Law
  3. Scout Promise
  4. Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Left hand Shake
  5. Daily good Turn
  6. Know the parts of Scout Uniform and how to wear it
  7. Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, the Bharat Scout Flag and the World Scout Flag
  8. Sing correctly the National Anthem, BS&G Prayer Song and BS&G Flag Song.
  9. Attend at least 4 troop meetings

Law, Prom. & Motto
Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya


  1. Learn about your Patrol; it's Flag, yell and corner.
  2. Know the General Health rules and practice BP's 6 exercises or Suryanamaskars.
  3. Learn and practice Hand and Whistle signals.
  4. Learn woodcraft signs and follow a track.
  5. Whip the ends of the rope.
  6. Tie and show the uses of:-
    a) Reef Knot
    b) Sheet Bend
    c) Clove hitch
    d) Sheep Shank
    e) Bowline
    f) Fisherman Bend
  7. Participate in Troop games
  8. Practice simple drill
  9. First Aid
    a) Contents of the first aid box
        Demonstrate use of Roller
    b) Roller bandage
    c) Triangular bandage
    d) Collar Sling
    e) Triangular suspension sling
    f) Render first aid for cuts and scratches
  10. Participate in 2 patrol outdoor meetings or a patrol day hike.
  11. Make a gadget or handicraft useful at home.
  12. Adopt for purpose of keeping clean a park or a water-point or a bus stop or any other public spot or a building for  a week.
    Observe for at least a month , a breeding place of mosquitoes/flies and look at its cleanliness.

  13. Participate in any 2 of the following:-
    a) Undertake a nature study project
    b) Discuss with your scoutmaster and render some service on any one of the points of scout law and submit areport.
    c) Visit a Village panchayat/Block development office /Municipal office and learn about the services rendered by one such public organistion and submit a report to your Scoutmaster and submit a report within 10 days.
  14. Maintain a diary of Daily good turn at home for at least a month.

  Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya

  1. Tie and demonstrate the uses of:
    a) Timber Hitch
    b) Rolling Hitch
    c) Marline spike hitch
    d) Figure of eight hitch
    e) Sheer Lashing
    f) Square Lashing
    g) Diagonal Lashing
    h) Demonstrate the use of 4 camp tools
  2. Fire:
    Lay and light a wood fire in the open with not more than 2 match sticks and clean and light a kerosene/gas stove.
  3. Cooking:
    Cook in the open, two simple dishes enough for 2 persons and make tea/coffee for one patrol over wood fire or stove.
  4. Compass:
    a) Demonstrate practical use of compass and know the sixteen points.
    b) Be able to find North by at least two constellations.
    c) Have knowledge of paces, bearings and map sketches.
  5. First Aid:
    a) St.John's sling
    b) Improvised stretcher
    c) Throw a lifeline for 10 mts.
    d) Render First Aid for
        i)  Burns and scalds
        ii) Sprains
        iii) Stings and Bites
        iv) Bleeding from the nose
  6. Satisfy your Scoutmaster about your good behaviour at home and school is good.
  7. Estimate with the help of improvised apparatus, 2 distances/width of not more than 100 mts.
  8. Participate in a Troop Wide Game.
  9. Know and demonstrate Signaling by Morse Code by use of Flag/Disc/Buzzer or Semaphore by Flag.
  10. Qualify for one of the following proficiency badges:-
    a) Cook b) Debator c) Friend to animals d) Gardner e) Handyman f) Cyclist g) Laundrer
  11. Participate in Troop/Patrol sustained activity for a month in your community using Scouting skills
  12. Complete any 2 of the following:-
    a) Collect information on our heritage and culture and prepare a log
    b) Undertake a development project in your school with your patrol in consultation with the head of the institution.
    c) Participate in a social service camp
    d) Serve in a community fair or mela
    e) Discuss with your parents and neighbours about a pollution problem in your locality and make a report of it.
  13. Serve as a Pratham Sopan Scout for atleast nine months.

Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya

  1. Campcraft:
    a) Whipping - other method than done in Pratham Sopan
    b) Draw Hitch, Fireman's Chair Knot, Man Harness Knot
    c) Eye Splice, Back Splice, Short Splice
    d) Pitching, striking and packing a tent or improvise a shelter enough for 2 persons to sleep
    e) Make a trestle and a rope ladder with the help of another scout.
  2. Swimming:
    a) Swim 50 mtrs
    b) Know the safety rules of swimming
    c) Know how to prevent, minimise and deal with cramps
    Earn one of the following Proficiency Badges:
    i) Athlete ii) Camelman iii) Climber iv) Gymnast iii) Hiker iv) Games Leader
  3. Estimation:
    a) Estimate any 2 given heights/depths not more than 30 mtrs.
    b) Estimate weights not more than 2kgs
    c) 2 different types of things in numbers (such as biscuits, coins, marbles etc.)
  4. First Aid:
    a) Treat for shock, fainting, choking
    b) Deal with simple fracture of arm, collar bone and jaw fracture
    c) First aid for cases of Drowning and electric shock
    d) Demonstrate mouth to mouth resuscitation
  5. Mapping
    a) Map reading, knowledge of scale, conventional signs, contours and grid references. Be able to read a tourist map or survey of India map and follow  a given route or lead a person.
    b) Make a map by Triangulation, plane Table and Road Traverse methods.
  6. Pioneering:
    a) Demonstrate the use of knife, axe and their safety rules.
    b) Build 2 Patrol Pioneering projects and demonstrate their uses.
  7. Participate in an Overnight troop camp
  8. Undertake a hike with a Patrol on a Cycle for at least 30 kms
    Undertake a hike with a Patrol on a foot for at least 10 kms

    Submit a report to the Scoutmaster within 10 days of the camp
  9. Cook in the open, meals enough for 4 persons.
  10. Plan and participate in a patrol expedition
  11. Participate in a night game
  12. Send and receive a message through Semaphore code containing at least 25 words
  13. Qualify for any two of the following proficiency badges, one from each group:
    Group A
    i) Civil defence ii) Community worker iii) Pioneer iv) World conservation

    Group B
    i) Citizen ii) Book binder iii) Naturalist iv) Pathfinder
  14. Complete any one of the following and prepare a log book
    a) Talk on National integration to your Group
    b) Talk on Troop Campfire or tell the story of a prophet
    c) Discuss in your Patrol in council how scouting develops National Integration
    d) Lead your patrol to a nearby place of historical/social/religious or industrial importance and discuss about what it
        speaks for.
  15. Show the knowledge of scouting in India
  16. Serve as a Dwitiya sopan Scout for atleast 9 months.
    Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya
  1. Should ensure proficiency of knowledge and skill upto Tritiya Sopan badge
  2. Hold Tritiya sopan badge and earn 3 of the badges not earned earlier from among those given below:
    a) Literacy b) Community worker c) Ecologist d) Leprosy control e) sanitation promoter f) Soil conservation g) rural worker
  3. Earn one badge from each of the 2 groups:
    Group A
    a) Camper b) Electrician c) Naturalist d) Starman e) Dairyman
    Group B
    a) Public Healthyman b) Cancer awareness c) Healthyman d) Nutrition educator e) Farmer

Pravesh   Pratham   Dwitiya  Tritiya Rajya