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Here Are Some Photos collected over the years of 41st  East at work and at Play...more to follow....

1975-Scouter Roy Dalgado with Scouts

Scouts Group 1988

Roy Sir & Sammant Sir - Friends Forever!

Campfire Time:-

Campfire's Burning!

Budding Actors    Back in 1970s    Fancy Dress - Zulu

Trophy Time:-

Champion Troop    Patrol Leaders with Scouters & Rovers    The Champions    Yet another clean sweep


Little Cubs:-

Cub Pack with Akela - Jimmy Siganporia    Cubs At Play



Inspection Time    Swimming time    Rovers enjoying   


Hike View 1500 ft    X Std Scouts  at Hike

Rashtrapati Scout

Rashtrapati Scout Badge    Rashtrapati Scout Viraf Chichgar    Bombay Contingent    Bombay-Pune Scouters