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Scouts Test


  1. Have a brief information of the origin of scouting
  2. Scout Law
  3. Scout Promise
  4. Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Left hand Shake
  5. Daily good Turn
  6. Know the parts of Scout Uniform and how to wear it
  7. Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, the Bharat Scout Flag and the World Scout Flag
  8. Sing correctly the National Anthem, BS&G Prayer Song and BS&G Flag Song.
  9. Attend at least 4 troop meetings
  1. Learn about your Patrol; it's Flag, yell and corner.
  2. Know the General Health rules and practice BP's 6 exercises or Suryanamaskars.
  3. Learn and practice Hand and Whistle signals.
  4. Learn woodcraft signs and follow a track.
  5. Whip the ends of the rope.
  6. Tie and show the uses of:-
    a) Reef Knot
    b) Sheet Bend
    c) Clove hitch
    d) Sheep Shank
    e) Bowline